• Projekt MOON: Jungtextilerkongress Reutlingen – Mai 2024

    Projekt MOON: Jungtextilerkongress Reutlingen – Mai 2024

    Der Jungtextilerkongress findet seit über zehn Jahren in Reutlingen statt und verbindet Auszubildende aus der Schweiz, Österreich und Süddeutschland. Innerhalb von zwei Tagen erhalten die jungen Leute Einblicke in Fort- und Weiterbildungen. An der Fachhochschule in Reutlingen sowie in verschiedenen Workshops und Referaten bekommen sie einen Überblick über die Zukunft der Textilindustrie und deren Entwicklungen.

  • Vortrag — Neue Entwicklungen zur Nachhaltigkeit innerhalb der textilen Kette

    Vortrag mit Anton Schumann für alle Studierenden der Hochschule Reutlingen am 16.05.2024 ab 15:30 Uhr — Thema: Neue Entwicklungen zur Nachhaltigkeit innerhalb der textilen Kette.

  • Trend forum “Textiles for the future” 2024

    5. Juni 2024, Freiheitshalle Hof, Germany — The future of the textile industry is characterised by numerous challenges, both in terms of new developments in politics and society, as well as the constant competition and change in the textile industry itself. With a contribution from Anton Schumann – Projekt MOON: “Do not get caught up…



    Another Dimension Of Textile Configuration Another Dimension Of Textile Configuration: we bring textile production back closer to the customer! ADOTC is a Start-Up in Berlin, Germany that takes on automation and digitization for sewing. The vision is to enable batch size 1 on demand in high-wage countries for textile production – away from long transport…



    High performance materials, inspired by natureTackling plastic pollution in textiles with a novel bioplastic Humble Bee aims to combat the global crisis of plastic pollution by replacing existing, unsustainable, synthetic plastics with their biomimetic inspired counterpart. In this endeavour, Humble Bee has identified a particular species of solitary bee whose nest-lining material features a novel…



    Protection of machinery, equipment and industrial installations for the on & offshore industry Depending on water quality/temperature, seaweed growth is a global problem for the offshore industry. Plant growth leads to high cleaning and maintenance costs. Due to new environmental laws and sustainability goals of companies, the use of pesticides and weed killers as well…

  • European Blockchain Association

    European Blockchain Association

    Transforming the textile industry with blockchain technology On February 6, 2023, Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association and Anton Schumann, CEO and Partner Gherzi Germany, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. Going forward, both organisations will work together to bring innovative technologies and management concepts to the textile industry. We spoke with Anton…

  • Project MOON

    Project MOON

    Impulses for transformation through the textile chain The world revolves around the global mega-trends of „digitalisation“ and „sustainability“. In order to create jobs and develop innovations, it will be crucial for the German or European textile industry to find and develop new business models, new value creation models and partnerships, both within and outside its…