Protection of machinery, equipment and industrial installations for the on & offshore industry

Depending on water quality/temperature, seaweed growth is a global problem for the offshore industry. Plant growth leads to high cleaning and maintenance costs. Due to new environmental laws and sustainability goals of companies, the use of pesticides and weed killers as well as plastic in the field of installations is dispensed with. Basalt Seal is a natural product and ideal solution for use in the mentioned applications.

It is a future technology for the on & offshore industry, protecting machinery, equipment & industrial installations against fouling/biofilms & harsh weather conditions to extend downtimes and maintenance intervals. It is a sustainable product, made from natural, raw, non-toxic material. It has the highest flame retardancy, antimicrobial properties, anti-fungal properties, and more. Basalt Seal has undergone verification/certification with the state owned Textile Research Institute STFI.

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